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UH JAMP wants you to find success here at UH. So, to help you form an idea of how the collaboration between you and UH JAMP should work, consider the following:

During your undergraduate career you will be expected to master not only the academic course content required by medical schools, but to develop and enhance other background skills as well. In addition to intellectual ability, successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate maturity and commitment as well as well rounded social and interpersonal skills.

UH Library Scholar

A critical first step for you will be setting and keeping an appointment with an advisor from the Academic Advising Center. Our advising services are designed to help you:

  • Identify medical school course prerequisites and develop a timeline for completing coursework and other requirements as appropriate for you as an individual;
  • Evaluate your choice of undergraduate major and how to incorporate premed requirements most effectively;
  • Find assistance in the areas of academic tutoring, study skills development, interview skills development, and specific degree advising by providing direct referrals to academic departments and student service areas;
  • Locate volunteer opportunities in clinical and/or research settings;
  • Develop strategies for MCAT preparation;
  • Understand and strengthen your medical school applications;
  • Gather letters of recommendation and prepare for review by the UH Health Professions Advisor Committee;
  • Identify student groups and extracurricular activities that could help support and strengthen your background preparation.

Ready to get started? Contact Us today to make an appointment, and/or explore our site to learn more.

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